Updated Course Website

Updated Course Website

Course: CSCI 201 – Principles of Software Development

In this project, I worked alongside 4 other classmates to create a new and improved course website. We used a combination of Angular, Java, and SQL to generate a visually pleasing, and easy to use, and maintainable website.

My role in this project was to lead the team, and to support them with tutorials and programming advice. In addition to this, I also designed the overall layout of the website, established APIs for communicating between the front-end and the back-end, and wrote the logic for the front-end.

Our goal with this project was to provide an amazing user experience for our fellow classmates, while also improving the site’s maintainability for our professor. To this end, we interviewed both students and the course teaching staff to find areas where we could improve the site. For the project, we decided to incorporate databases to store course information such as assignment links and due dates, and office hour information. We used this data to dynamically generate the assignment details page, and to populate a calendar containing important deadlines. With this strategy, the professor only had to edit the data in the database in order to update the website for future semesters.

The original website can be found at

A live version of this project (without database functionality) can be found at